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Nature is essential to our survival, we are naturally linked to it and its this connection that appearances the foundation of our formula making.

Since Donald Anthony began, we have travelled and protected our countryside as it grants us with the awareness and legacy we need to explore its beneficial properties, we seek to produce only natural products of the uppermost quality and usefulness. Our products are also supported with data, tested on us and no one else to ensure value rather than the thin veil of natural. At Donald Anthony we want to confront synthetics not only through our olfactory experiments but also our skin, hair and body care, natural must be actual to be relevant.

We work with an affiliated lab to carry our assessments and stability testing whilst using our own Donald Anthony lab to formulate, test and experiment before commencing large scale manufacturing.

We are committed as a small local producer to change the experience of independent skin care, providing our clients with utter transparency through which to learn and engage with our team enlightening each other along the way as we explore natures potential.

Don’t be. Become.

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Misty Woodland