Grasmere Moustache Wax is our unruffled and fresh blend of moustache wax. Built for those who value the outdoors and country food, this wax is made with only all natural ingredients. The scent is very fresh and easy with notes of cucumber and liquorice. Think like you had a lake or two with a couple of acres in your back garden. It's the smell of a man who's been working hard on the farm all day. Our mustache wax is a medium hold and is perfect for a natural style.


    Hand Made in London, using the finest ingredients sourced from the UK and packaged with locally sourced materials. Finished and presented in Donald Anthony's trade mark wooden box. Bottled in a 30ml Amber glass to make it reusable, recyclable and ensure the fragrance has the same intense scent on your skin, hair and body after every use.


      Jojoba Oil
      Coconut Oil


      Shape moustache with ease. Essential oils keep your moustache healthy.

    • HOW TO USE

      Warm wax by rubbing between fingers. Apply to moustache and or beard and comb through. Shape, style and additionally, twizzle.