This beard shaping tool kit (beard comb template and beard trimming scissors and beard razor) is all you need for your everyday beard grooming. It reduces curliness and stimulates your skin to release natural oil and promote a healthy beard growth. Our comb-template is made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that it will serve you for years to come. The corners of this template are pretty good to make more clean and sharp edges on your beard. You do not have to buy a special pair of scissors or razor for mustache grooming, as they are already included in this man & beard kit. It is used for mustache, cheeks, jaw, neck, sideburns and goatee lines.

Sourced from the UK and packaged with locally sourced materials. Finished and presented in Donald Anthony's trade mark wooden box.


    Stainless Steel


    A smooth beard can add your male charm and make a good impression on others.


    Firstly, clean your facial mustache, it's better to soften the beards with some water deposited on the face.
    Secondly, put the blade (Not included) in this manual razor carefully, Keep the angle of the razor at 25-35 degrees, this angle is relatively clean or to cut your Jaw line.