In a world of woodsy beard oils, Grasmere beard oil stands out strongly. It is cool, crisp, light, and a great spring and summer blend. With notes of cucumber and liquorice it the smell of a dapper gentleman who's been working hard on the farm all day, the scent is very lightweight and fresh. We wouldn't sacrifice the quality of our oils and these are still all natural and fantastic. 


    Hand Made in London, using the finest ingredients sourced from the UK and packaged with locally sourced materials. Finished and presented in Donald Anthony's trade mark wooden box. Bottled in a 50ml Amber glass to make it reusable, recyclable and ensure the fragrance has the same intense scent on your skin, hair and body after every use. Never containing parabens, sulphates, SLS or petrochemicals, and are not tested on animals.


      Grapeseed Oil

      Apricot Oil

      Jojoba Oil

      Castor Oil

      Fragrance (Naturally Derived)

      Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract


      Going beyond simply making facial hair moist and shiny with a novelty synthetic scent, we tailored our oil to penetrate straight to the cuticles of facial hair while also looking after the skin underneath.

    • HOW TO USE

      After combing your beard through to remove knots with a beard brush, massage a few drops of Beard Oil into your beard. Combine the oil with a small amount of Beard Moisturiser if preferred. Comb through again into your desired shape.