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Donald Anthony believes that grooming products should be considered with the same attention to detail as outerwear. It should be an inspiring part of your daily routine, not a compromise or an afterthought. The landscape of natural, organic, vegan and non-toxic skincare can be confusing to navigate. So we keep our vision and philosophy simple: by using plants and herbs which are indigenous to the UK we make products which help to heal, care and scent the body. We do not use any synthetically made ingredients and believe that the best approach to this is to be transparent about the ingredients and components in our products.





It all began with Donald Anthony. He wanted to create a grooming range inspired by the grand heritage of St James’ barbershops but tailored for modern, style-conscious gentlemen. A welcoming, masculine scents, handmade to the highest of standards. Creating the signature Donald Anthony collection of cologne, grooming, and skincare. Sourcing the finest raw ingredients from across the UK, the collections are specially developed to suit the tastes and needs of gentlemen the world over. As Donald Anthony develops over the coming years the heart of the company will always remain the same as it concentrates on craft first.




This means an uncompromising focus on ingredients and innovative design not previously seen in men's grooming. It also means that quality is not enough. We think about how it looks and how it makes you feel when you put it on, applying it to everything from ingredients and product development, to our website and packaging, we continually work towards solutions that provide uncompromising benefit. Nothing is frivolous or without purpose. Our notable amber glass bottles are not only striking, but they are part of our preservation approach designed to protect and extend the shelf life of our natural and organic ingredients. Our scents are designed to be functional not simply perfume as they reflect the beneficial properties of the ingredients in our products.​





We look after gentlemen. We want you to look good, be healthy, feel confident. That’s why we don’t use any ingredients we believe are bad for men’s health. Our products never contain Parabens, Sulphates, PEG's, Phthalates or Synthetic Dyes. We combine age-old artisanal methods with cutting-edge techniques, we use only the finest, all-natural extracts, botanicals, vitamins and essential oils to create effective, natural grooming products, leaving skin looking and feeling great, and leaving men feeling primed for more. All our products are tested on ourselves, no animals, so every product we create we love and know works brilliantly, we use them everyday as each product is designed to make a complete daily skin care routine.