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We try to make all our products in a circular economy fashion. Client care and loyalty is not about making people spend more, it’s about respecting your ideas and organising our company in a new and different way that uses the positive effects of what manufacturing can and should stand for.

Our finest example is our ‘rubbish for product’ program, where you can collect a bag of rubbish from your local beach or park and bring it home and we’ll give you a free product.


To take part;

Clean a beach or park

Take a photo

Post it on Instagram and tag @DonaldAnthony and use the hashtag #DonaldAnthony

We’ll send you a 15% discount code that can be used on your next purchase of full price product found on Donald Anthony.


We are on a vast journey and want to share that insight as we discover new formulas as well as branching out into the area of environmental education, we believe there is no particular genius only scenius collective intelligence throughout a balanced community.



Since we opened we’ve offered a discount to our residents whom live locally, without their support we wouldn’t be open at all. We resolutely have confidence in creating jobs locally and an economy that is ecological is important to our community.

If you’re a Wandsworth Council resident and live within these boundaries, we’ll always give you a 15% discount on our website. Sign up on our website and so long as your delivery address is within the Wandsworth area, we will send you a discount code. This can be applied on all your orders, so long as the delivery address is within the boundaries of Wandsworth. We thank you for your continued support of Donald Anthony.


Lowering our contact on the environment is an enormous focus for Donald Anthony. Therefore, we offer a 15% discount for anyone returning their glass bottles used in our packaging.

All you need to do is return the packaging by post with your contact details and we will ensure you get a 15% discount on your replacement product.

This applies to all our glassware except fragrance due to the fact the crimping method used on perfume preventing us refiling the glass.

 Please note that you cannot use all discounts at the same time.

Don’t be. Become.

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