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Donald Anthony Orders

What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?

Please don’t fret! It’s likely it is on its way. Please visit the Shipping page regarding order processing times. If your order has been shipped, you will have received a tracking number in an automated email. Visit Royal Mail. Type in or copy your tracking number and click “track item”. This will provide you the status of your purchase.

I placed an order, but haven’t received a confirmation email?

All orders placed are issued with an automated email confirmation. Please do check your Spam/Junk folder in your email, as well as your inbox. If you order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation. Please email if you have not received an email receipt in any of your email folders. Please provide as much information as possible regarding your details:- name, shipping address, items ordered, date, time.

What is your Returns & Exchange Policy?

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your purchase, but should you feel you need to return any part of your purchase to us, please read in full the Returns and Refunds section of our Customer Services section.

What is a hazardous item?

In Donald Anthony's product range, our 100ml colognes are considered dangerous to transport. These items will contain a ‘material safety data sheet’ (a document that lists ingredients/safety measures etc.) necessary for postal distribution, dependent on the location an order is being shipped to.